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Updating the Aleutian Islands Fisheries Ecosystem Plan

A Fisheries Ecosystem Plan (FEP) is a strategic policy and planning document to guide regional fisheries management councils (Council) in their management actions relating to the Large Marine Ecosystems under their jurisdiction. They are a tool that can serve as a framework for continued incorporation of ecosystem goals and actions into fisheries management. The Aleutian Islands FEP was among the first developed; since then other regions have developed FEPs with formats that have evolved to better serve within Council processes and timelines. FEPs have matured from compilations of ecosystem information and risks, to tools that deliver targeted evolving ecosystem evaluations that inform and guide improvements to fishery management. The Aleutian Islands FEP is reviewed every 5 years. In advance of the review next year, we present here a summary of key sections of the current Aleutian Islands FEP. We also present key features of more recent FEPs, including that being developed for the eastern Bering Sea, which is based on Conceptual Models and Themed Action Modules. Our aim is to raise awareness of FEPs as a policy tool and invite researchers, communities, industry, NGOs, agencies and other interested parties, to bring forth issues of concern, as well as new research and future plans that may be relevant to the upcoming review.